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Post-Pandemic Recovery: Calgary’s Commercial Property Market

When you’re building a large-scale commercial construction project, you need to work with the right contractor. From general builders to specialty contractors, there are many different types of commercial contractors. Choosing the wrong one could result in major consequences for your business, so it’s important to select a skilled and experienced professional from the start. In this article, we will discuss the 11 key roles that commercial contractors play to ensure your project is a success.

Preparation and Site Cleanup

Before any construction begins, a commercial contractor prepares the site by clearing the land, setting up dumpster rentals, and getting landscaping started. They also inspect the land for safety issues, such as if the ground is unstable or too soft to support a new structure. Once the site is ready, a commercial contractor will start installing all the necessary foundations and utilities.

Construction Planning and Scheduling

Commercial contractors provide detailed construction plans for their clients based on their needs. They use their years of experience to make sure all aspects of the construction process are running smoothly. They are familiar with all local codes and permit regulations and will ensure your project is in compliance. This will help you avoid any legal or financial repercussions down the road.

They will also oversee all subcontractors to make sure their work meets quality standards. This includes ensuring that all materials are being used as intended, and that all work is being performed in accordance with the original design specifications. Commercial contractors also communicate with their clients throughout the project to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding progress and any potential issues.

Sustainability in Calgary’s Commercial Real Estate: Green Building Initiatives

The most crucial role that a commercial contractor plays is to keep your project on budget and on schedule. They are experienced in overcoming the various challenges that can arise during a construction project, such as labor shortages, material supply delays, and weather conditions. This allows them to maintain project momentum and deliver your completed building within the estimated timeline.

Construction Safety

Construction projects can be dangerous, especially when they are large in scale and involve specialized equipment or structures. A reputable commercial contractor will always prioritize the safety of their workers and clients. They will take the necessary steps to prevent injuries or accidents, which will ultimately save you money on worker’s compensation claims.

When selecting a commercial contractor, it’s important to ask for references from previous clients and personal recommendations. You should also check their credentials, industry experience, and available resources. You can search online for “commercial contractors near me” or contact local property management groups for a list of recommended contractors. Once you’ve compiled your list, interview each candidate to see how they would approach your project. Be sure to ask about their communication style and how they handled any unforeseen obstacles that arose during the project. This will help you select the best contractor to suit your specific needs.